Find the inner wisdom you had all along.


Apply to work with me one-on-one.


My one-off sessions offer you:

  • clarity on what you are dealing with and what the block really is
  • new confidence to move forward
  • tools to use to do so.

You can come with an exact issue you’d like to work on, or show up with just a feeling you need some support.


I work longer-term with a shortlist of clients on an application-only basis.

My aim is to help you:

  • have clear instincts and hear your own wisdom
  • manage your mind
  • recognise who you really are and what you really want 
  • read signs, metaphors, and dreams
  • let go of shame and feel powerful at last
  • be your own guru. 

I am not here to tell you what to do, “heal” you, or create a miracle for you. I am here to fire you up, get you on track, and brush away the ego cobwebs so you can recognise you are already healed and start to make miracles for yourself.


I am what would be considered an ‘integrative coach’, meaning I combine many different tools and trainings to meet the needs of each individual client.

This can include intuitive coaching, counselling, symbol therapy, theta work, BWRT, or we might work with your unconscious using your own intuitive writing, drawings, and dreams. To learn about what methods I’m trained in, see my “About Me” page.

“Unna has genius level wisdom and is a rare and exceptional intuitive coach. She has uncanny intuition and is always so spot-on, getting to the heart of the matter in a flash. She helps you see your blind spots and the way out from inner limitations that are impacting your reality clearly and compassionately- she doesn’t judge and holds space for you. Any time with Unna is a metamorphic process.”

-Aine Belton,

People I've Helped Are Just Lovely...

“Unna has guided me through some of my darkest moments. I feel I am well on my way to discovering the real me and to being in a place where I am balanced. I am back in my power and I am focused and centred on what I want in my life, and now know how to take that step. She has guided me to take responsibility for my life and my actions and shown me how to connect to my spirit and trust that inner compass to guide me on my life’s journey.” -Angus St. Clair, owner of Black Mountain Healing Centre, Australia

People Work Hard Then Blame Me...

“I have been doing so well post the spiritual and emotional detox you helped me with, I am so far from where I was last year at this time! My new boyfriend treats me like a queen and it’s so good to be in a healthy, nurturing relationship. Thank you so much for the work you do.” -Cheryl C., motivational coach, USA

People Say the Nicest Things...

“Whenever I am confused about a dream I turn to Unna who always gives me an interpretation that is beyond what my head could come up with and is often bang on with what I’m dealing with or is just the insight I need to take action in a part of my life. She has a real gift for helping people to become aware of the signs they are being given and to listen to their own inner guidance.” -Nicola Squibb, property investor, UK
“Working with Unna has given me a huge sense of clarity and insight. She offers a magical combination of intuition, insight and knowledge, and works on many different levels to give you a truly holistic view of everything happening in and around you. She has an infectious humour and charm so you’ll love working with her. Everyone needs a session or two!”
Jody Shield, alternative therapist

Skype Sessions

45-minutes long

Investment of £100 GBP/ $120 USD/ €115 EUR

Email your desired dates and times below. Once a slot is agreed on, you pre-pay via Paypal. Then all you do is show up at the agreed on time.

In Person

Paris, London

1 hour £125 GBP/ €145

3 hour intensive £300 GBP/ €340 EUR

Contact me for upcoming availability.

To book a session, get in touch. Let me know what dates and times you are available and I will send you a list of possible appointments to choose from. 

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